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Sreyashi Sarkar

M.A., M.Phil.

Assistant Professor


Aparajita Mukherjee

M.A., M.Phil.

Lecturer (Full-time)



Sucharita Sengupta


Guest Lecturer



Suvankar Dey 

 M.A., M.Phil.

 Guest Lecturer







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In a country like ours where cultural linguistic and religious diversities are replete, studying history is imperative to preserve the integrity of the society and the nation. Study of history is essential for understanding the individual’s placing in respect  to the wider world. Reading history helps us to discover the linkages of the present day with that of the past thus developing a logical, analytical faculty that helps us to appreciate or criticize occurrences as they happen or as they have happened.

The Department of History started its journey in 2005 as a pass subject and in 2009 the honours course started. The Department strives to inculcate among the students a proper sense of history and an analytical mind. Going beyond the traditional lecture based class room teaching, the students are encouraged to visit libraries to acquaint themselves with books of eminent authors and organize peer learning sessions that offer them a chance to exchange ideas and thoughts.  ICT tools are used to make the teaching-learning process more interesting. The Department also has its own separate book bank for the benefit of the students.At Present there are one UGC full timer, two contractual and one part time.

After completing the graduation in History, the students stand to benefit for various examinations like the SCHOOL SERVICE COMMISSION, COLLEGE SERVICE COMMISSION, and various other COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS.

The Department has organized the following seminars -

  1. The Poet and Reformer of 19 th century, Henry Luois Vivian Derozio by Prof Pallab Sengupta (Former Vidyasagar Professor, Rabindra Bharati University)
  2. Special lecture on Khalji Dynasty by Raktim Sur (Associate prof. Heromba Chandra College)
  3. National level seminar on Rabindranath: In the light of the present, along with BENGALI, SOCIOLOGY and ENGLISH department. Prof Amit Dey (Dept of Hist, CU), Prof Chittabrata Palit (Former Professor JU), Prof Ranjit Sen (Former Professor, Kalyani University) have enriched the seminar.
  4. State level seminar on EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN : SOME ISSUES,CHALLENGES AND DEBATES 20th and  21st century,along with the department of Economics. Prof Samita Sen (Former VC, Diamond Harbour Women’s University), Prof Suparna Guptoo (Professor Calcutta University) have delivered their valuable lectures at the seminar.
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